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About Us

LINGA CONSTRUCTION & ARCHITECTURE was incorporated in the year 2010 in India. We at LINGA CONSTRUCTION do all kind of Drawings / Building Plans / Scheme Drawings, Approval Drawings, Structural Drawings & 3D- Elevation Designs in the field of construction. LINGA Architecture is well managed and supported byArchitect, Engineers and experts experienced over 15 to 20 years. LINGA Architecture had left remarkable foot prints in their path forward showing their capability, quality and innovative design skills. Our aim is to provide the customers a noble guidance with a professional touch.

We always produce expected and outstanding outcomes in the modern market through systematic planning, conceptual vision, staffing, high- end creativity, cutting edge technology & a 360 0 approach to our clients.

What are we?

Linga Construction is popular for our brilliant execution of Project Management Consultant, Building Construction and Architectural Design. Since its inception, the firm has demonstrated its core values of constant innovation, people centric solutions and design excellence through the execution of several projects in the healthcare industry, institutional projects, residential sector, commercial spaces and a range of other public and semi-public spaces.

Linga Construction and Architecture, are a multi - disciplinary consolidation of design professionals, architecture and engineering consultants with construction management skills and experience that ranges from planning and implementation of large projects to interiors. We offer counselling on the feasibility and viability of projects and on prospects for its development.

Our Client list is increasing in numbers through our reputation to meet business requirements with exceptional quality and diligence. The customer profile ranges from Large scale construction companies, Various industries (Chemical Plant Design, Shopping Complex Design), individual customer designs ( Luxury Villas, Houses, Luxury 1,2,3-BHK Apartments) etc.,

Undoubtedly the firm has been on constant learning in collaboration with culture and the nature surrounded by us. We have handled several residential architecture projects including luxury villas, apartments in and around Chennai.

Our Strength

  • Great crew of staff
  • Constant learning & innovation in this field
  • Customer centric approach
  • Design excellence
  • On time delivery of projects/drawings
  • Better understanding of customer needs

Design Philosophy

The architecture of linga will be subservient to the landscape and reflect the values of the private reserve. The architecture will be for people who love the land, want to be in nature and who seek peace and quiet thus the philosophy which derives the design principles is one of simplicity, directness, respect and humility.

The design of a structure may be regarded as the process of selecting proper materials and proportioned elements of the structure, according to the art, engineering science and technology. In order to fulfil its purpose, the structure must meet its conditions of safety, serviceability, economy and functionality.